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Thread: how related is biology and environmental science?

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    hi there, just wondering if anyone could help. how related is environmental science and biology? I ask as I hope to go into field biology or animal conservation. I am currently studying for my degree and have mixed modules from both disciplines and math, do you think this is going to help me in the future or would it be better if I did a degree in either/Or disciplines instead of mixing both?
    thank you.

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    Me? I'd go for both.

    Just looking at research and employment options, you can't yet know whether you'll need good number crunching and data analysis skills for population dynamics or whether you'll be working as offsider/stand-in for a vet in a wildlife refuge for endangered critters. Or, more likely, one kind of job/project followed by an entirely different sort of work.

    I'd keep up the maths for a reasonable while yet - at least until you've mastered a reasonable amount of statistics. You really do need to be able to interpret maths or stats based information. Whether it's about optimum diets or drug doses for certain creatures / conditions or identifying populations / environmental niches in danger or comprehending a scientific paper that someone recommends to you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cat-lady View Post
    hi there, just wondering if anyone could help. how related is environmental science and biology?
    I would say very related. Our state environmental agency has an assessment branch that studies cyanobacteria in public waters, runs electrofishing programs, and does protist sampling all as indicators for environmental health. For instance, cyanobacteria analysis can help us determine where wetland areas are failing to filter agricultural products or where farmers are tiling their fields into drainage instead of BMPs. If it all works right (which, honestly, it rarely does) our agencies can coordinate with one another to protect the environment, often with biological indicators being used to single out specific problem areas.
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