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Thread: How to identify red clover extract by eyes,nose, and tongue

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    How to identify red clover extract capsule by ourselves?

    There are some simple ways to choose the better food supplement.

    1. Open red clover extract capsule and take the red clover powder out to a piece of white paper.

    2. Look at its courlor. If it is dark black powder, then smell it, if it is a exciting sourcess.

    3. put some into a cup, add some boling water, stired it for a while, when water comes down, observe the residue in cup. if it is more and black.

    4. After you take 1 week, if you have a bad taste? and felt acid in stomach, hot in heart. Please stop red clover extract capsule immediately The bad result is gastric ulcer.

    Then, you can get a bad conclusion: The red Clover capsule is processed by bad extract technology.You have got a bad process red clover extract powder.

    The good quality of red clover extract powder showed

    1. for 8% isoflavones product, it showed browish green powder, for 20% isoflavones product, it showed deep green powder.

    2. Smell it, it showed light flower fragrance, similiar with red clover flower.

    3. put is in tongue, the fragrance showed more clearly. When you add some in boling water and keep boling. The fragrance will fill in your room.

    4. taking the capsule for 1 month, you will feel better.

    Ok, HPLC just is one equipment to analysis it. Let us anylysis our red clover extract capsule by ourselves.

    If you have some problems, please contact with us

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