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Thread: why red clover is different with red clover extract

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    Somtimes, we said pure natural and natural extract. However, for red clover extract. If you take different process technology, it will be different.

    Some people found that
    Q. Red Clover does seem to be helping the hot flashes go away. However - within 3-4 hours of taking the first red clover dose of the day, I have a bad taste in my mouth and my food doesn't taste right. If I take it at dinner also the same is true. The effect is gone by breakfast the next day and breakfast tastes normal. Then by mid morning I have the bad taste back. I didn't see this listed as a red clover side effect anywhere.
    A. This is the first time anyone has mentioned to us about this potential red clover side effect.

    Herb extract is a very complex technology to manufacture. There are about 4 kinds of process to manufacture 8% red clover extract and 20% red clover extract. In past years, most of red clover factories take a bad technology to process red clover raw material. Therefore, their product showed brown&black colour, tasted sour and bitter. If you unforturnately purchased red clover capsule which used this kind of raw material. Then, if you administer for about 1 month. You will get bad taste.

    So, please identify your red clover extract capsule.
    Now, the advantaged technology to manufacture red clover extract is a more mild technology. The natural red clover extract powder showed beautiful brown&green powder. Smelled like red clover flower.

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