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    Does anyone know why a person;s eyes appear to be sunken after a long illness? I've read that it has to do with dehydration but i need it to be more specific. I need to know what part of the eye causes it to look sunken. I thought, before reading into sunken eyes, that it had to do with the iris, but not sure anymore. If anyone can help me it be greatly appreciated.

    Oh also is it the frontal portion of the lens where suspensory ligmanets radiate?

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    The suspensory ligaments (or zonules of zin) are connected between the ciliary muscle and the crystalline lens on both sides of the cystalline lens. to change the shape of the cystalline lens, the suspensory ligaments and the ciliary muscle work opposite of one another. when one is relaxed, the other contracts and visa versa.

    On sunken eyes, loss of weight leads to fat loss and dehydration reduces volume.

    Pseudo sunken eyes can be caused by Ptosis (dropping of the upper lid in humans. In reptiles, such as the Solomon Islands Monkey Skink (Corucia zebrata {underlined}) sunken eye appearance can be caused by an incomplete shed of the capsule over the eyes.

    Brian L. Schnirel

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