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Thread: The Peppered moth question [HOMEWORK]

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    the question goes:

    Peppered moths can either be speckled or black. Some scientist captured 488 black moths and 496 speckled ones. they put a spot of paint underneath each one and let them go in an unpolluted forrest. A couple months later they recaptured moths in the same area. of the ones with dots on , they found 34 black ones and 62 speckled ones.

    1) why was the paint of dot put underneath not ontop of the moth?

    2) Suggest one reason why not all of the moths with dots on them werent recaptured


    a) which type of moth seemed to survive better

    b) why do you think this type of moth survived better in the forest?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PhDemon View Post
    This is homework - I remember the same sort of thing from my biology classes a long time ago... We won't do it for you. If you want help post your answers (with your reasoning) and point out which parts you are unsure of/want help with.
    well for question one i think its because they thing that the paint might erode away because they capture them after months.
    for two, is it because some of them may have been eaten?
    3) speckled
    4) i dont really know [please give advice]

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