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    "Turning "back" the clock ..."
    By Ivan M. Nanev

    Once you've targeted and cleared all those issues you'll:
    -Your body will fell like you're 12 old again.
    -Have a perfect blood pressure.
    -Ability to eat heavy food again.
    -If you're overweight you'll realize that all that heaviness you feel is not linked to your weight but to natural condition that build up with years.
    -Skin gets healthier
    -Sex doesn't have to be a fight with yourself anymore
    -Sleeping and waking up is also much easier
    -Although you won't recover from your bald area, your existing hair will gain strength again.

    The older we grow the older we feel, but why is that.
    Suffocation and discomfort are the reason we feel old.
    It's all work of:
    -Sludgy blood
    -Constricted legs and hands capillaries
    -Sore lymph in legs
    -Joint pains
    -Muscle pains

    Normally 3 week course will do the trick.
    The primary ingredients to success are red wine, Aspirin and vitamin D.
    Wine must be at least 3 years old.

    JOINTS and HAIR:
    With age minerals like calcium are less absorbed and we have to compensate.
    Also we drastically deprive ourselves of Vitamin D by constantly have to do something important instead of going out.
    If your hair start itching and you're getting bold you should start taking supplements.
    -Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc and Vitamin D
    -Salad or anything with lots of vegetables will be of a big advantage.

    Degradation muscle mass is recognized as:
    "Laziness" is actually a pain caused by the degradation.
    In normal condition when pain is felt in our body, we automatically
    release the pressure and take it easy on that part of the body so it can heal itself.
    Unfortunately in case of laziness immobilization is the worst thing to do, instead
    you should oppose it by stretching and warm up those muscles.
    Later in our age we get the same pain but we blame it on "overworking". The fact is that our muscles cannot support us, caused again by their degradation.
    -Regular warm up plus stretching or workout or workout with Creatine will overcome this.

    Legs has drastic impact on our blood circulation and the worsen it is the more and more we fell all types of heaviness. All that heaviness and suffocation we recognize as aging.
    -Red wine-two to tree sips before bed, before sex(will have best effect) or workout.
    -Aspirin-before lunch, before sex(will have best effect) or workout.
    -Try every time you feeling you need something sweet to switch it with crackers instead.
    -Try to minimize eating before bed or substitute it with light food or best if you substitute it with salad/vegetables.
    -Taking Ferrous Oxide(Iron supplements) every other day is a plus.
    When taking red wine and Aspirin it's best to race your hart, that will amplify the effect. In fact it's good to do that at least 3 times a week.
    It's also a big plus if you do very deep breathe series (once every 3 days) for a minute or two or until you feel little faint. That have a healing effect also help go to bed very easy.

    Although it doesn't have pump(Heart) Lymph circulation system is close to the Blood circulation system - it has one-way valves.
    Once a vessel is squeezed the fluid goes only in one direction and when released it creates a suction filling up again. Squeezing is usually done by muscle activities.
    The other way is acceleration(like jumping). When accelerating the fluid is trying to stay at the same position by this transferring from one chamber to another(a chamber is from one valve to the next).
    -Running-slow motion jogging doesn't count.
    -Lift one leg(support yourself with hands) and accelerate it to the ground (without hitting it), lift it again and do the same 20-30 times. Then switch legs.

    Good luck.

    Attention! It's not a good idea to take aspirin if you have any hemorrhage or any kind of bleeding problems.

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    wth?? is this spam?

    Do not try and bend the spoon. That's impossible. Instead... only realize the truth. There is no spoon. Then you'll see that it is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself. -Spoon Boy
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    Too easy and simple to be true a ?

    Sorry that was the best way I could wire it, if it sound like spam that wasn't my idea. Sorry
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    Another thing you could do is when you eat high cholesterol foods especially eggs is to also add tomatoes - this way you lower the heaviness of the food ...
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