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Thread: Long-term storage of in tact vegetation

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    I'm looking to explore the realm of long-term storage possibilities of in tact or once in tact vegetation, fruits, cured produce.Since there is a definite discriminatory boundary between any of the various styles of plant that need to be stored ill presume a tiered container, or "complex" will be needed to handle this.Theory one: (Picture) two sides of a binary tree. One edible, one non edible... Branch off from those downward...Theory two: extracting/ composing? Of the vegetationTheory three: Theory four: Equipment / Environments to explore or reference.1. Humidor: used by cigar aficionados. Walk in humidity based environment.2. Green house (Modified): used for growing vegetation in/out of a regions environment factor range. Perhaps the place to start is where the matter comes from and/ or is made from. Heavy on glass and light control3. Hot/cold; Wet/dry containers: This gets pretty in depth as there are thickness and opacity among the other properties when choosing containers4. Preservatives. In contact or not direct contact.5. Please help make this into something big. It is probably THE main downfall to any large movement of home growers... Why only grow what is consumable right now? Everyone needs a med-long term condition to make gardening worth it in their lives.

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    We have many thousands of years experience in preserving food so I'm not quite sure what you want to do....

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    I've dried and bottled and pickled and salted and otherwise stored various foods for home consumption.

    I'm really not sure what you want to do that isn't already perfectly doable.
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