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Thread: DNA vs RNA (molecular weight)

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    I got a question from my professor a while ago, I answered him but he just gave me a weird look, said okay and moved on... He made me doubt myself so much that i'm here to get some feedback .
    the question was : is the molecular weight of a RNA molecule smaller/larger or the same as a DNA molecule?

    My answer was: smaller because even though they have the same "building blocks" (except for thymine being replaced by uracil which roughly have the same molecular weight and making not much of a difference in a large molecule...) but because DNA is double stranded and RNA is mostly single stranded the molecular weight of RNA must be smaller.

    Is this correct? Because his reaction was really weird when i gave him this answer...


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    I would say rna would have a higher molecular weight because of the extra hydroxyl group(s)

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