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Thread: Human Cells with specific receptors - Question

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    Im just wondering if theres any human cells with a specific surface receptor? Ie, something found on that cell type but not on others.

    I want to throw a few other examples into a paper im writing that uses folic acid as a targetting method for cancer cells but cells arent really my strong point.

    While i realize folate receptors arent -specific- to cancer, they're useful due to the overexpression.

    I've tried google scholar, but it keeps throwing up MHC and CDs and im reasonably certain they're constitutively expressed so im looking for a search string to use as a start point.

    As a preference, any cell of a major organ with a specific surface receptor would be fantastic.

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    It might help if you look for receptor sites as a part of tissues, rather than their structural products. Muscairinic and Cholinergic receptors may be an answer to what you're looking for, but the problem is that most ligands of any action potentional will target a specified tissue, and a number of other ones despite their presence or location.

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