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Thread: Extremely confused on biological vs. technical replicate

  1. #1 Extremely confused on biological vs. technical replicate 
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    Let's say I have cancer like X and I want to test drug Y on them. The way I've been doing the experiments:

    Passage 1: treat cells with Y collect 3 samples
    Passage 2: treat cells with Y collect 3 samples
    Passage 3: treat cells with Y collect 3 samples

    The lab I'm in has always treated the different passages as different biological replicates, I get that. They also average the 3 technical replicates for each biological replicate. But this is where I get confused--how do you combine the averages of the biological replicates into one stat that represents that average from 3 biological replicates w/ 3 technical replicates? Just average the results from the 3 passages?

    Rather than do 3 separate tests to determine the effect of drug Y, would it be wrong to simply collect all of the samples from the 3 passages and then just combine them into one assay in to avoid doing the same assay 3 times, and then average everything at the same time to come up with an average set of data? So confused on how to combine data!

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    I'm not quite clear on what you are trying to accomplish. Why do you need/want to combine data?

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