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Thread: Saltwater Crocodile vs Great White Shark?

  1. #1 Saltwater Crocodile vs Great White Shark? 
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    Can someone tell me whether this video is anything approaching being realistic? I mean, admittedly I don't know very much about sharks considering my major is microbiology, but I can't believe that a great white shark, first of all would still be interested in continuing the confrontation after the crocodile rips off its pectoral fin, but also, could a shark even survive that final bite directly to the snout? If I'm not mistaken a shark's head is mostly soft cartilage, which shouldn't fare too well against a bite force of well over 5000 lbs per square inch. What does everyone think?<br><br>Animal Face-Off: Croc vs. the Great White - YouTube

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    I find it rather unlikley that a croc would swim that far out to sea, let alone a shark seeing the 15ft long crocodilian as a prey animal. Next up, the shark should fight the croc on a beach somewhere.

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    Animal Face off tends to be a "What if" scenario. It appeals to those who ask, "who would win if 'such and such' squared off with 'such and such'?"
    I recall Gorilla vs. Leopard and one guy asked, T.rex vs. Excavator (yes, the machine commonly and mistakenly called a backhoe.)
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    My friends and I used to play this game over a couple rounds of beer - except we played it with celebrities. To this day I am convinced that Richard Simmons would wipe the floor with Rob Schneider (When factoring in accommodations for age disparity).
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    Kind of a weird battle, if you ask me. A crocodile in open water is not at it's most lethal. Now, if the shark were flopping up to a muddy pond for a quick drink...
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    Couple points from a long term scuba diver who has watched many different species of shark underwater.

    1. Yes, a crocodile can swim long distances in the sea. 50 kms is not unreasonable.

    2. Sharks rarely attack anything that is not normal food for them. A great white attacking a crocodile is not a reasonable scenario, but if it happened, it is extremely unlikely that the great white would persist beyond an exploratory bite. Nor could a crocodile catch a great white at sea.
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