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    What is the role of dopamine, and what physical effects on the brain does it have?, if you want to get into that.
    Dopamine has a big role in the reward system and motivation, but it also has some other mysterious effects. For example, increased dopamine levels cause schizophrenia (most likely). It is treated with medicine which reduces dopamine levels, so Iím assuming dopamine is the only cause.
    Note that overall dopamine levels are increased, but dopamine levels in the cortex are reduced (not definitely, but Iím assuming that is true. Feel free to disagree.)
    Symptoms of schizophrenia:
    -Hallucinations, usually auditory.
    -Paranoid or bizarre delusions.
    -Unorganized thought.
    How could excessive dopamine levels cause hallucinations/delusions and fear?
    One possibility is that dopamine in the cortex causes less imagination. Schizophrenia involves less dopamine in the cortex, so that could be the cause. It could also explain the paranoia, because paranoia is excessive prediction of bad events.
    Also, a study showed that higher dopamine in the cortex decreases impulsivity (imagining yourself doing something).
    This kind of relates to another post I made somewhere. Iím scared of homework now. If I am ever motivated (caused by dopamine), then I think about homework more (imagine doing homework more), and I get scared because of quantity or difficulty or something, then I become unmotivated.
    What do you think? Do you agree with all of the facts I said about schizophrenia? What about all the other roles of dopamine?, which I pretty much ignored here.

    "It is the ability to make predictions about the future that is the crux of intelligence."
    -Jeff Hawkins.
    For example, you can predict that 3+5=8. You can predict what sequence of muscle commands you should generate during a conversation, or whether an object is a desk or a chair. The brain is very complicated, but that is essentially how intelligence works. Instinct, emotions, and behavior are somewhat seperate.
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