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Thread: Human Pathology 'Multiple-Choice Questions' (Double Checking)

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    Hey guys! Double checking my answers for my graduate class. Thanks!

    1. The following hormones are easily detectable in the systemic blood EXCEPT:

    1. GH
    2. CRH
    3. FSH
    4. Oxytocin
    5. TSH

    1. The Drug Discovery company has developed a compound X that binds and activates TSH receptors with a very high affinity. A 30 year-old XY subject that has been taking very high daily doses of the compound X would have which of the following blood profiles?

    1. above normal TSH: above-normal thyroxine
    2. above normal TSH: below-normal thyroxine
    3. below normal TSH: above-normal thyroxine
    4. below normal TSH: below-normal thyroxine
    5. normal TSH: normal thyroxine

    1. A 35 year-old XY subject with congenital adrenal hyperplasia (21a-hydroxylase deficiency) would have:

    1. moon face
    2. enlarged adrenal glands
    3. hypertension
    4. above normal hematocrit

    1. Which of the following enzymes is highly expressed in the adrenal medulla but not in the adrenal cortex?

    1. P450scc
    2. tyrosine hydroxylase
    3. aromatase
    4. 5a-reductase
    5. 21a-hydroxylase

    1. Three weeks after a severe hemorrhage that caused a blood clot that totally blocked the hypothalamic-pituitary portal vessel, a 30 year-old XY subject would have:

    1. lower plasma levels of oxytocin than those prior to the hemorrhage.
    2. higher plasma levels of ACTH than those prior to the hemorrhage.
    3. higher plasma levels of ADH than those prior to the hemorrhage.
    4. lower plasma levels of LH than those prior to the hemorrhage.
    5. higher plasma levels of TSH than those prior to the hemorrhage.

    1. A XY subject with the loss-of-function mutation in the 5a-reductase gene would have which of the following at birth?

    1. uterus and scrotum
    2. vas deferens and scrotum
    3. uterus and labia
    4. vas deferens and labia

    1. Compared to an age-matched healthy XY male, a 30 year-old XY subject with hormone-secreting Sertoli tumors would have:

    1. below normal plasma LH levels & below normal plasma FSH levels.
    2. normal plasma LH levels & above normal plasma FSH levels.
    3. normal plasma LH levels & below normal plasma FSH levels.
    4. above normal plasma LH levels & above normal plasma FSH levels.

    1. Which of the following induces meiotic progress of a primary oocyte to a secondary oocyte?

    1. The estradiol surge during the second half of the follicular phase
    2. The midcycle surge of LH
    3. Fertilization
    4. The progesterone surge during the luteal phase

    1. Granulosa cells are aspirated from a dominant follicle of a 25 year-old XX subject on day 11 of the menstrual cycle. Granulosa cells are then cultured in vitro, in the presence of LH and FSH. At the 3rd day of culture, estrogen secretion by these cells would:

    1. skyrocket to surge levels comparable to those found on day 14 of the menstrual cycle.
    2. be at intermediate levels comparable to those found on day 10 of the menstrual cycle.
    3. be at moderate levels comparable to those found on day 7 of the menstrual cycle.
    4. be negligible.

    1. Bilateral ovariectomy (removal of both ovaries) of a 30 year-old pregnant woman on the 60th day of gestation would cause:

    1. an increase in plasma estrogen levels.
    2. a decrease in plasma LH levels.
    3. an increase in plasma inhibin levels
    4. an increased myometrial contraction.
    5. a rapid growth of her fetus.

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    If you want to double check, you need to provide all of your answers. If any are deemed wrong, members can help guide you to finding the correct answer, but not provide it for you.

    And one other thing...
    You said scrotum... huh huh huh heh heh

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    I got the above answers; no idea about two of the questions though; might have taken a guess at one of 'em. Unfortunately, I didn't answer them in the order given. I randomised the order just in case I'm doing all the donkey work for your assignment.

    Some of them were very easy, others rather difficult. How did you get on with it?
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    A scrotal deviation, no doubt. We always called this damn type of exam "multiple guess"! jocular
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