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Thread: Zinc perhaps didn't limit evolution of Eukayotes

  1. #1 Zinc perhaps didn't limit evolution of Eukayotes 
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    Why did Eukayotes take so long to develop? They first appear about 2 billion years ago, but don't seem to diversify into complex forms until about 600 million years ago.

    Interesting article the refutes one hypothesis that lack of zinc in the oceans limited evolution of Eukaryotas until relatively recently.
    UCR Today: New Data Challenge Old Views About Evolution of Early Life

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    Pure Speculation warning:
    Mammals were a vast improvement on reptiles but reptiles were so well entrenched that it took a mass extinction event for them to make their big move.
    Perhaps the early eukayotes were held at bay by older, better established forms until some destabilizing event allowed their growth?
    Another guess, mitosis is a tricky business and it took a long time to get it working right.

    Also, you meant 600,000,000 not 600,000 right?

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