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    Hi, Im new to Micro, and have a few questions. When working with agar how do I detect the most likely point of contamination? As in when there is grwoth in all broth tubes? Growth in one broth tube? Growth only on the surface of a plate? Growth throughout the agars thickness on a plate? Growth only in the upper 1 cm of agar in an agar deep tube? All plates in a batch have the same type and density of contaminants? & Only a few plates in a batch are contaminated, and each looks different?

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    Sounds like you are using really poor technique. If you are being carefull with your agar prep there should be no growth unless you intentionally introduce some source of bacteria. It is not clear what you are trying to accomplish. Are you trying to prepare clean media? Are you trying to identify bacteria from an unknown source? Are you trying to id the drug sensitivity of a suspect pathogen?

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