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Thread: VNTR: Variable Number of Tandem Repeats , help!

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    Hello everybody, I am studying Dna footprinting and I don't understand counterpart chrosomes. Can someone explain to me what are the small blue boxes in each bar? Why in individual B it says counterpart chromosomes if they have different of these blue boxes? And where are the tandems of are the VNTR, variable number tandem repeats ??

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    The blue boxes are sections of the DNA that repeat, for example, a chromosome has 3 blue boxes and the repeat being looked at is GTG, at that location on the chromosome, the DNA reads "GTGGTGGTG". Since we get one chromosome from each parent, the VNTR may be different, and to relate back to the image, means that there may be different numbers of blue boxes. This would mean that at the location, the individual is heterozygote for that repeat. Sometimes it might have the same amount of repeats (same number of blue boxes) and that would mean the individual is homozygote for that repeat on that chromosome.

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