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Thread: Population genetics

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    Hi !

    I would like to know 2 particular points in population genetics:

    - What are the differences and the common points between the founder effect and population bottleneck ?
    Can we consider the founder effect as a particular case of a population bottleneck ?

    ow can you reveal a wahlund effect, how can you confirm it ?

    Thank you in advance for your help

    Oups I forgot ! Happy new year !

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    Do you realize you are speaking jargon? Define your terms for those of us no longer in school and we may be able to help you understand the science.

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    Hang on just a minute!!

    This looks a lot like homework or an assignment.

    If you're having trouble with an assignment, we're willing to help you with any further information or explanation you need.

    We are not, repeat not, here to do your assignment for you. If you want help getting started, you need to explain what specific thing you don't understand in your textbook or in the assignment you're supposed to be working on.
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    It's still annals questions, but here it's okay I find some good elements of response you can delete the thread if you want.
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