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Thread: The Brain: Where are "you" located?

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    The brain is modular, right? These pieces are not all entirely you. Where is the commander that commands these pieces of hardware that is called the brain. Where is the one that is capable of commanding functions. In other words, where is the software that defines you located at?
    Please do not mind my choice of words, they are merely meant to make my question more understandable.


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    The brain's hierarchy basically works its way upward/outward from the brain stem to the cerebral cortex. The brain stem controls the most fundamental functions, such as heart beat and respiration. The cerebral cortex (the surface layer of the main part of the brain) is the "you" (perception, abstract thinking, consciousness, etc) mentioned above. The cerebral cortex is a layer of several billion, highly-interconnected neurons only a fraction of an inch thick, and it is convoluted (ie, wrinkly) to allow the greatest amount of surface area (ie, cortex) as possible for the volume inside the skull, while still allowing the baby's head to pass through the mother's birth canal.

    Even then, compared to other animals, a newborn human is still almost entirely helpless (like a fetus) for at least a few months, indicating that the baby, despite its severe lack of development, must be born while it's brain can still pass through the birth canal.

    Some individuals with mental retardation have smaller brains and/or smoother cortices.

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