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    Very cool looking abstract from the Proceedings of the Royal Society B today. The pygmy right whale Caperea marginata: the last of the cetotheres (I don't have access to the article itself ) If the results are confirmed and accepted by biologists and paleobiologists, this would resurrect the family Cetotheriidae from extinction. The family first emerged about 15 million years ago and was a major player in the global seas until its contraction and possible extinction during the Pliocene. Thoughts??

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    Nifty if it all works out. Good time to be into paleobiology I reckon.

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    Do you read Brian Switek's blog, "Laelaps"? If not, then I recommend it. A very talented young writer imo.

    Anyway, he's got a post up about Caperea marginata if you want his take on the story.
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