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Thread: wats the use of doing zero gravity operations?

  1. #1 wats the use of doing zero gravity operations? 
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    i recently saw in the paper about zero gravity operations,wat are they used for .

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    Yesterday the first surgical procedure in micro gravity was performed by a french team.
    The team manage to remove a lipoma (ball of fat) on a volunteer patient. The surgical procedure took place on a dedicated airbus 300. The procedure consisted in 30 steps of 15 seconds (because the plane can only create microgravity for such shorts times periods) and was a sucess. Dominique Martin, from Bordeau, a professor in plastic surgery, performed this. Surgery in zero gravity was considered impossible by many experts.
    He already suceed some years ago the micro surgical anastomosis of a 0,5 mm arteries on a rat, in the same conditions (0,5 mm is the smallest micro anastomosis that you can perform on earth)

    The goal is in the future to promote telesurgery for spacial missions.

    I expect to see the report (with pics) of this wonderfull experience at the next congress of plastic surgery.

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