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    I have a few questions about this, please answer them. How do the endosymbiotic organs get passed on to the offspring when they have been acquired? How did cells evolve to have a nucleus? And how did the dna in this nucleus code for the endosymbiotic oraganelles which were supposedly prokaryotes? And lastly, how might this have led to the formation of humans.

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    This looks a lot like homework or preparation for next semester's topic. Let us know what year you're in/ what subjects you're studying so we can frame answers at the right level for you.

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    If I were you, I'd start with a decent textbook (or two).

    For details start with wiki Endosymbiotic theory - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia then look at the list of references at the bottom of the wiki page or click through on some of the links within the text on that page.

    Evolution starting with bacteria and using humans as your end-point is far too big a topic for a simple answer. Either a simplified chart should be among your study materials or should be relatively easy to find if you're working at an introductory or overview level.

    I think you might be in for several hours reading and quite a lot of note taking.

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    Yeah, this is Bio 101 stuff.

    If you know what endosymbiosis is, then feel free to ask whether or not your reasoned deductions for these questions are correct. However, you don't just get to ask us what the answer are.
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