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Thread: microbial physiology questions - need help!!

  1. #1 microbial physiology questions - need help!! 
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    I am taking micro311 , microbial physiology
    and we were given an assignment to complete this weekend.
    I am struggling with it, if you could help that would be great!

    I am mostly concerned with question 2. So far, I've answered that the pathway would be aerobic because it uses electrons from cytochrome c oxidase and O2 as a TEA and reactant with methane mono-oxygenase (which adds oxygen to methane to form methanol).

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    I would see question 2 as anaerobic since I don't see free O2 on the left side of the equation. Mind you I am 40years out of school. It does involve the oxidization of CH4 but the source of the o2 is from the break down of a nitrate.

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