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Thread: Crustacean really first life on land?

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    I was watching a documentary which stated as many do that crustacean life forms moving up on land was the start of life on land.

    While I can agree that there might be significant fossil record to uphold this view I still think that it would be an improper statement to say that life was not on land before. Surely with the evaporation of water into the air some organics would have gone up with it then be deposited on land via rain?

    Even though they were not deposited in an aquatic environment and might have dried up and died isn't there an argument that life could have originated this way in some form? For example, where do plants come from? I guess it is a separate question but plants were there before crustacean, no?

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    It's quite possible that life developed in small pools and puddles, and even in great quantity. But given the fossil record, it does seem unlikely that much of it survived except for the line that led to all living things currently present.

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    plants first
    plants had to enrich the atmosphere (including ozone) with enough oxygen to allow for larger (stemed) plants, and animal and fungal life to survive out of the filtering protective layer of water
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