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Thread: Would it be theoretically possible (with future gene therapy) to increase an adult's height/bone structure/length?

  1. #1 Would it be theoretically possible (with future gene therapy) to increase an adult's height/bone structure/length? 
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    How would it be possible to increase an adult's height/bone structure/length through tampering with their DNA etc?

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    While our genetic code determines a great deal about us, it's not like writing C++ where you just insert the commands you want and everyting executes as expected. Even small changes can result in fatal protein folds or serious problems with normal development such as sickle cell or cystic fibrosis where the entire body is affected by a simple defect.

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    You'd have to know which DNA growth switches to activate and deactivate. Actually we need not introduce anything new at all, just a reprogramming of the DNA portion that is pertinent. Of course, aside from the technical problems (nano technology), there is also an ethical question.
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