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Thread: Jacobson's organ/ the vomeronasal organ in humans

  1. #1 Jacobson's organ/ the vomeronasal organ in humans 
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    Firstly have you heard of the vomeronasal organ?

    In animals it is a type of secondary sense of smell which gives dogs their amazing sense of smell; newts their ability to refind their home environment when placed many miles away from it. it has a number of other functions in different animals.

    In humans? common science/ medicine/ anatomy claims it is a vestigle organ although there are a number of studies done that seem to indicate otherwise. It seems to be a a type of phermonal sensor which is linked to the limbic System.

    Have you read Lyall Watson's "Jacobson's Organ"?

    If you know what I'm talking about any feedback would be VERY welcome

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