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Thread: What are some interesting proteins?

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    So a big part of my computational bio course involved doing work with one specific protein and what it does.

    here are 3 examples:

    Apolipoprotein C-II
    The first protein I found is Apolipoprotein C-II. This protein is responsible for regulation
    of triglyceride levels in humans by activating lipoprotein lipase. I chose this protein
    because I am interested in regulation of cholesterol levels as I feel that there is a strong
    genetic link to why people can have high cholesterol. This is evident in my family were
    multiple family members who work out daily and have adjusted their diet still have a
    cholesterol levels that are above normal.

    The second protein I have picked is BC10 (Bladder cancer related protein). When
    transcription of this protein is carried out incorrectly, it may be one of the causes for
    human bladder cancer. There are a few downsides to this protein family. There are no 3D
    renderings of this protein and there is not that much known about it, but it is of particular
    interest to me as bladder cancer was the cause of death of my grandfather.

    The third protein I found is the RAS-GAP protein. This is a RAS family protein, found
    on chromosome 11 and is involved with cancer. It acts as an on/off switch in cell growth.
    In about 30% of cancers, the switch is always on. This protein interests me because of its
    link to cancer. It seems like it is hard to find what causes any type of cancer, and with
    about 30% of reported cases showing a mutation in this protein, there could be some
    significant changes to treatment with further research in the RAS family.

    What are some interesting proteins that you guys can think of off the top of your head? Need some brainstorming ideas


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