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Thread: Why does just cut hair grows faster than long hair?

  1. #1 Why does just cut hair grows faster than long hair? 
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    Does hair thats just cut actually grow faster than long hair? If so why?

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    No. It doesn't.

    The reason it seems longer is that the cut end is unlike the naturally tapering end of uncut (or long ago cut) hair. So a strand of recently cut hair always looks longer than a strand of uncut hair that's been measured as exactly the same length.

    And long hair doesn't grow more slowly. Long hairs will naturally break off the ends as they thin and weaken. People who can grow their hair much longer than others simply have hair that is more resistant to thinning and breaking off. The hair grows at much the same rate from the scalp regardless of length, but people with hair more inclined to lose the ends will appear to stabilise or slow the growth because it doesn't get longer.

    But people are looking at the wrong end of the strand of hair when they worry about it not 'growing'.

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    Does hair (facial hair at men), grow faster when under a higher concentration of testosterone. Or does it simply need testosterone to grow, and the concentration does not have any effect on the speed of growth.
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