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    I am becoming more interested in hormones as I progress at strength training/powerlifting and look at ways to train more efficiently/have better results.

    Whilst there is more to strength & lean mass increases than hormones, I feel my knowledge of other parameters(diet, training) would benefit from hormonal knowledge, as they all operate together.

    All in all, I am trying to understand how one can go about consciously increasing his testerone levels(not including the choice of exogenous testerone injection).

    Studies I read point out to how testerone is linked to perception(which can be worked on/ is not a constant*). "T rises in winners and declines in losers." I talk of perception because winning and losing is subjective.( i.e two males in a physical fight. Even if measuring winning in terms of superior physical damage inflicted on the other it's ultimately tied to what are the perceptions of the fighters --> The guy who got the most hurt might not consider himself a loser if for instance, he feels that the fight went better than expected given x... and is hence a winner in this context.)

    Other studies I read point out to how testosterone is linked to behaviour(*) : This shows that periods of abstinence elevate testosterone. Whilst chinese studies show that testosterone peaks on day 6 of abstinence to then fall back to lower than original levels, maybe this is due to perception rather than a natural fall-back? Maybe males that choose abstinence rather than have abstinence forced upon themselves, and percieve it as a form of dominance over the non-abstinent(i.e greater self-control) do not have negatively impacted testosterone but on the contrary a positive boost(lasting natural boost for increasing libido due to the evolutionary need to find a partner?)

    For instance, it looks like high testosterone is a prerequisite to high libido. Where there can be high testerone with low libido. Hence sex is not necessary to high testosterone?

    Other studies I read point out to how testosterone relates to diet & sleep & training(*).

    All these are things we can have control over. My question to you is : is this accurate? And : What other factors impacting testosterone did I not cite ? Is there a superior limit of testosterone that can be reached this way?(assuming life led in order to maximize testosterone). Would that correspond to some sort of innate limit? Is there an innate limite to the amount of testosterone that can be had without exogenous injections?

    This got me thinking on the possibility that some people's ethics(and hence daily choices/perceptions) are just not compatible with high testosterone. (An example would be that of constantly "turning the other cheek") This got me thinking on ways I could use these teachings to impact my lifestyle, in a way that is compatible with my current "ethos"(I am not ready yet to give up my ethos in the pursuit of all-testosterone if it is found that )

    Thank you for your information,


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