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Thread: Protein interaction model can provide new cancer therapies

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    Recently,researchers from the University of Kansas llya Vakser,the PEA15 protein is not a multiple rigid body(rigid bodies),they can change shape and is very flexible,so we often can the two do not match the proteins match each other.Over the years,scientists rely on computer modeling techniques to characterize the protein characteristics,of course,this accurate computer models of protein structure by X-ray crystallography and nuclear PEBP1 magnetic resonance-based template positioning.Until now,the practical value of this template is available for the protein-protein complexes.The researchers found a nearly complete set of model already exists,this far-reaching significance for the structural PECAM1 biology,which means that the new drug research and development of certain diseases in the future to provide some clues.The research results were published in the internationally renowned journal PNAS.

    Protein interactions good grasp of abnormal critical for the development of new PECI drugs,and by changing the behavior of protein and beneficial to human health treatment.The researchers said that you can imagine,a crowded and complex environment of the protein world role,in this environment,a single molecule can be planktonic,and can collide with each other;just random reaction,and what will not happen.But if the importance of a single PEF1 molecule physiology,they may be each other dependent,and change the shape or transfer electrons.The ability to affect the protein interaction between mean new therapies to treat cancer and coronary heart disease.This will give us sufficient capacity to simulate the response of these proteins and found that the treatment of diseases of the path.Many diseases are caused by abnormal protein response,this reaction is not hope.Through drug regulation,we need to know the specific role of the principle and mechanism.The present study,the researchers have proposed new ways to affect the interactions between proteins,and the researchers later immediately to the design of new therapeutic means to treat certain diseases.

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    I just took a grad level Protein Chem course and it was all about the "elasticity" of proteins. It was quite amazing. Even P-P interactions, activator, and complementary proteins.

    What I really took out of the class was the overrated emphasis on solving the 3D structures of proteins! If they constantly change shape, then the rigid structure is almost meaningless.

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