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Thread: Develop New Online Forensic Biology Course

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    Hello All ...

    I am the director of a Masters of Science in Forensic Science degree program at a state university. We are expanding our program online and are looking for qualified personnel who would be interested in contracting for the development and teaching of forensic biology classes. If you are interested, please contact me with a copy of your CV and a statement of your experience in teaching (online and in person) in a forensic biology or related topic. Send the material to:

    Dr. Carl Franklin
    Southern Utah University

    One of the first classes we will be developing is designed for our interdisciplinary program. This means that you will be teaching students from five major areas: criminal justice, psychology, computer science, accounting and public administration. Student from these disciplines take this course as a means of exploring and understanding the relationship between disciplines. Most of the students in the course have a limited background in biology.

    This course uses the following description:

    "Students will learn about the biological analytical techniques used in crime labs. Topics will include decay; serology; DNA analysis; human tissue and wounds; bacteria, viruses, plants invertebrates and vertebrates."

    There may be opportunities to develop other courses including advanced biology and forensic biology courses for the program.

    Thanks for reading, and I look forward to hearing from you.

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