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Thread: Infra-sound effects on the body

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    Im working on a little experiment at home based on infrasound, and I came across a problem. Most of you probably know that sound below the 20 hz range can be very dangerous, and frankly i am not trying to hurt myself. My question is, does anyone here know how many decibels of sound at 18 hz can be considered to be safe?

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    I have not heard anything about the dangers of sound at 20 hertz or less. As quite frankly, the less hertz, the less energy the soundwave has, so the less damage it can do. I'll have to look into this.

    Found this, though not 100% relevant to this, it might be somewhere to start off with.

    Normal sound (40-20.000hz) is "safe" up to 110 Decibels. Though i would not advice anything above 90 decibels though.

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    long ago, i read something about low frequency noise giving people headaches and intestinal discomfort
    it seems that as/re the pain threshold
    the lower the frequence, the more volume is needed to cause pain

    it seems that you feel low frequence in your body core rather than "hearing" with your ears
    (anecdote? well, maybe)
    long ago,(stashing cash in between colleges-american motors) fun stuff, really) I worked in a factory for a few months.
    the noise of the place was really pleasant and refreshing
    a symphony of everything from hi-pitched air guns, through the rumbling of the machinery that carried the line---and the myriad beat pitches generated within the sound itself--over all, there was a deep rumble to it like muted thunder--------and, yes, some of the "sound" was felt deep inside my gut and chest-----
    everybody had a certain number of things to do while the car was at their station, and when we all knew the rhythm of our jobs, this rhythm was a steady beat within the symphony-----multiply those steady rhythms by hundreds and give them a dozen main pitches(for each class of tool) with the pitch rising at start of using the tool, and comeing at you from all directions.......damnedlotafun
    wowie zowie
    the symphony and the dance of the motion of the line became the steady state
    when something went wrong with the line-----------confusion ensued---slowly, the instruments within the symphany would quiet, and the dance seemed paused and the quiet grew untill, as one, hundreds of us realized that the line had stopped.............and a throaghty cheer rose to the very heavens
    then died down to a background noise of hundreds of conversations

    ok, a tad off the vector
    there was a rumor that the military were trying to perfect a sonic weapon, but i think their frequency was about 7hz
    it has been said that: disney's crew accidentally had an episode with hi volume 12hz sound
    it gave them all nausea which lasted a few days
    so, listen to your gut
    (I'd but a glass of water on a table and watch the ripples and then think that something simular was going on inside me)
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    sound below the 20 hz range can be very dangerous
    That should make beachside housing quite undesirable then. Those relaxing sounds of waves constantly breaking are not so soothing?

    I'm pretty sure that dangerous sound is created by the combination of decibel and Hz measurements, unless we're talking extremely loud sounds which are harmful regardless of pitch.
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