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Thread: Anthony Colpo Is He A Good Scientist ?

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    Is Anthony Colpo a good scientist or is he an Internet crackpot ?

    *He claims LDL has nothing to do with coronary heart disease

    *He claims that regular blood letting is the best thing you can do for coronary disease prevention and that iron is the TOP risk factor ( the iron hypothesis)

    *He claims Goldstein ( Nobel winner) was completely wrong about LDL

    *He claims whole grains are unhealthful and a scam

    *He claims severe morbid obesity is very simple and only a matter of calories

    *He did a complete reversal where he fervently supported low carb in 2004, now he is on higher carb

    This article is from 2004

    This article seems to come back to haunt him where these days he is completely opposite, yet citing studies from the 1930's in support of his high carb diet . In 2004 he at least cited current studies for his low carb diet.

    What does he look like to you ? He turns genuine science on its head and challenges the scientific community "to prove him wrong." He seems to be full of certitude on issues that are full of uncertainty and that are extremely complex such as human physiology. It seems to me all genuine scientists acknowledge uncertainty and unknowns.

    So what is your view on Anthony Colpo, the health writer with a huge following?

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