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Thread: Natural Selection Stastiiscally

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    Starlarvae wrote:
    "The theory of natural selection assumes and asserts that reproductive success is a function of heritable phenotypic traits. According to the theory, variability among the heritable phenotypic traits in a local population causes the members of the population to exhibit variable reproductive success. Heritable phenotypic traits affect reproductive success by interacting with the environments in which their bearers live. A longer neck reaches higher fruits; a sharper eye detects more hidden prey, and so on. This is how traits lead to reproductive success, according to the theory."

    Well, not exactly.
    A basic misunderstanding.

    Since you used neck length, I'll use it.
    Parent A has a statistical neck length x, parent B has a statically y. The offspring will be x or y or in between but can be beyond x or y "randomly" and is heritable. Got it?
    If the length of the neck puts the individual offspring at a competitive disadvantage, then it will be eliminated from the gene pool. This is called "natural selection". Thus, the next generation will have a neck length statistically better than before.

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    The last sentence may be more appropriately phrased as : "Thus, the next generation will have a neck length that is statistically more likely to be fitter for the current environment." It is those important caveats that starlarvae does not understand.

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