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Thread: looking for selective rearing studies

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    I'm looking for studies that show the effect of selective rearing on various brain functions. What I understand by "selective rearing" is the phenomenon by which certain groups of neurons (that is, certain brain centers) develop more fully (i.e. acquire more neurons devoted to performing the function of that group or brain center) when they are stimulated more frequently. As an example, I've heard it said that children who are reared in a music rich environment will be more likely to develop a talent for music because all the music they are exposed to stimulates the music centers in the brain and brings about higher-than-average development of that center.

    I'm looking for as many studies as I can showing selective rearing at work on as many brain centers as possible. Can anyone help me by directing me to any such studies?

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    An interesting concept. Your obviously not looking for more music studies, like the effects of mozart on an unborn child. It's hearing is undevelloped, and still people think it can distinguish mozart, from the beating of moms heart. Though i think this topic would be more ON topic on the psychology section. I have found mostly stuff about honey bees though.

    I have found one. On the effects of this on dogs (effects of human company on the selective rearing on dogs) - Animal Behaviour - Attachment to humans: a comparative study on hand-reared wolves and differently socialized dog puppies

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    Thanks for the link Zwolver
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