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    I don't fully understand how Electric Organ Discharge works.
    More specifically, I don't understand how electrocytes get charged again after being discharged.
    I also don't understand how this discharged electricity gets out of the animal's (specifically, an eel) body without killing itself ...

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    I'm not knowledgable about this, but here's a go.

    Eiter, a superconductive surface, with salt ions in the fish's mucus layer. Or an isolating layer in the fish's mucus layer, would make the electric charge leave the body of the fish, without killing it.

    Still, i suppose the charge is generated by accumulating electric charge. As electrons would normally be fed to the citric acid cycle, they could also be used to store in the electric glands. It would take a protein that can keep an insane amount of them, and discharge a lot of them at once, by probably ADP, ATP or Mg2+ or Ca2+ system.

    But i'm still guessing here.

    Can anyone tell if i'm right here?

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    I'm also fairly certain that a more in-depth knowledge of electricity on my part would help a great deal, and thanks in advance for being patient.
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