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    WHAT is an assay?
    does it include electrophoresis, chromatography and all that stuff or serological tests only .

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    This is just a suggestion, but to receive a relevant, useful, precise answer it probably helps if you ask a focused, unambiguous, precise question.
    For me an assay is the determination of the composition of a mineral sample. Apparently, since you have placed this question in Biology, this is not what you want to know.
    My second suggestion. Have you tried google? A search for "biological assay" turned up about 380,000 hits. It was apparent, from looking at just three of these, that the term is used to mean a range of things, some of them mutually exclusive. (One thing it does not do, unless in a specific field, is limit usage to serological tests only.) Hence it is essential for your query to be phrased more accurately in order to received the correct reply.

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