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Thread: what species are close to become primates???

  1. #1 what species are close to become primates??? 
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    as we know there are already monkeys ,chimpangees,apes and many kinds of squirel-like for example lemurs...In some hundrents years which species are the most likely of becoming primates???

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    Non of them. Evolution doesn't jump branches. The only new species will either be by re-categorization of an existing species from another order based on better information such as DNA comparisons, newly discovered existing species in some remote place, or by evolution of an existing species (I'd guess human + once we get over our unnecessary aversions to "playing god," ).

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    in cladistic terms, a primate is any of the descendants of the first mammal that is agreed to be a primate
    if a relative of that primordial primate existed in the cretaceous that didn't quite satisfy the list of defining characteristics of a primate, it would not be a primate, and neither would be any of its descendants - just like never at any stage will any of my children ever become the natural children of my brother

    that said, the closest relatives of the primates are the Dermoptera (flying lemurs) and the Scandentia (tree shrews)
    noone of these creatures show any signs of becoming more primate-like over time
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    btw theres nothing that makes humans the desired evolutionary state target to be achieve by other species. With the remotely possible nuance of convergence, which would probably require lifeforms to be in a similar environment for a very very long time as that in which primitive pre-humans were in, which unfortunately is getting more and more unlikely (unless there was a planetary civilization bulldozing habitats on a massive scale that managed to leave no trails when cave men were wondering about).
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