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Thread: Should you raise your children on the country or atleast outside a major city?

  1. #1 Should you raise your children on the country or atleast outside a major city? 
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    I remember having read somewhere that children raised in the city from birth has a much higher chanse to develop asthma and/or allergies. I'm guessing this is due to exposure to smog and pollution. Another thing I heard, which I am more interested in - is immune system related to this. Will children that live on the country or othervice places that will expose them to... dunno how to word it in English... well expose them to nature and natural environment - increase their immune system meaning that concerning health its even more a reason to move out of a major city?

    Just want to have my facts straight if I ever have children, because with the education I'm taking now it is much more preferable to live in a city in the future. But I dont want greed/higher salary to cause them long term health problems. Sorry if the answer to this is easily googled, but I've been thinking alot about this and would like to bathe in your wisdom if you dont mind

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    Hi Raziell,

    The hygiene hypothesis essentially posits that insufficient exposure to natural pathogens during childhood can lead to inappropriate autoimmune responses in the affected individual (e.g. asthma). However, it is also noted that over-exposure to certain allergens can cause disease (e.g. farmer's lung).

    It's difficult to know what to do for the best, as far as raising children is concerned. Perhaps you could hedge your bets - live in suburbia with your children, work in the city and take vacations in the countryside? Actually, i think it would probably be beneficial for children to experience a variety of different living environments (whilst having one settled home), to open their minds to different ways of living.

    Best wishes,

    Tri ~

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    Many major cities can expose your children to noise, light, and smog pollution. However, living in the country is not necessarily better, as you need to be certain that your food and water are pure. They can each pose their problems, and it obviously depends on how urban the city is or how rural the country is.
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    Raising children in the country, except for a few cases, is impractical. More than 50% of the world's population now live in cities, and that percentage in western countries is way higher. Assuming the hygiene hypothesis is, indeed, correct, it will soon be possible to innoculate toddlers with a suitable cocktail of bacteria in order to give them the protection that country living entails.

    The future of the world will be an increasingly large fraction of the human race living in cities. It will be more and more difficult to arrange an alternative for specific children. Nor should we do so. Our descendents will be adapted to city dwelling, and being raised in a city will be the best way to gain that adaptation.
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