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Thread: Sleep qustions, what part of body stop functionin while asleep etc.

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    will our stomach stop digesting even if food is still in their while asleep, or digest slowr rate, what about intestine and other organs, what part of body stop functioniiin while asleep.

    Does just laying down with eyes close also heal our body same as sleep?

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    Sleep doesn't mean that parts of your body stop working. They are just sent into a state of depressed functioning so that they can rest. There are two types of sleep: Rapid Eye Movement Sleep and Deep sleep. I won't go into the details of these types but in simple words, the deep sleep is the one in which the body rests and the REM sleep is the one in which dreams occur and has high brain activity.

    You must know that the brain controls the activity of all other organs of body through their nervous connections. The activity of the brain is largely dependent on the area of the brain known as the reticular system. When the reticular system is deactivated by inhibitory neurotransmitters, the brain goes into a state of decreased activity, and along the brain the entire body goes into a similar state. This is sleep.

    So nothing stops working as this would be fatal.

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    Sleep is a complex phenomenon. It very definately is not just the same as lying still with your eyes closed. The body may rest if you just lie still and your eyes will rest if you keep them closed but sleep is a function primarily of the brain and central nervous system. Note that your body is just not still, it is paralysed. When you dream of running away you may experience stess but your legs don't go through full range running movements. Your volitional mental process has been disconected from your motor nerves. This is a big deal. I don't thingk we have a very clear idea of just exactly how this happens, but it does. Similarly your mental process is disconnected from your conscious control. We do not usually have any volitional control of our dream state.
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    We are not normally paralysed during sleep. There is hypotonia - wiki's reasonable on this. Hypotonia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    There is a condition called sleep paralysis. It's only transitional but can be absolutely terrifying. There are also abnormal sleep paralysis conditions. I expect they're pretty unpleasant for sufferers too. Sleep paralysis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    when you are in a sleeping mode then you are in a working condition.your body parts are also in a working that for example your brain is in working condition and your note that when you are in a sleeping mode then your hands and legs are inn a sleep it doesnt mean that your body parts are also sleeping.
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