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    I am wondering what the amino acid sequence is for the medication Tramadol? Yes I know that tramadol is not a protein. However, I do not know how to figure out what the receptor is that binds tramadol. I have been referenced to such websites as NCBI but honestly, I might as well be trying to read something in French. I am not good at science, and I would just like someone to point me in the right direction on how to figure this amino acid sequence out.
    All help will be appreciated.

    I have included the best info that I have found so far. Perhaps it will help? tramadol hydrochloride

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    Hi nyx.jord,

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    It appears that tramadol binds the mu-opioid receptor

    Above is the 400 amino acid sequence for just one of the splice variants of the receptor.

    You can find this by visiting the ncbi website National Center for Biotechnology Information then select 'protein' in the drop-down category box on the top left hand side. Type 'mu opioid receptor' into the search box > search. This will generate ~538 results. To narrow your search by species (in this case I am assuming that you are most interested in the human opioid receptor) click on 'homo sapiens' under 'top organisms' on the right hand side (there are 76 hits for this). Double click on the splice variant of interest (the one above is #10 in the list). This will give you all kinds of information relating to publications on the opioid receptor, if you scroll down to the bottom you will eventually find the amino acid sequence.

    Best wishes,


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