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Thread: Why is the brain susceptible to oxygen shortage?

  1. #1 Why is the brain susceptible to oxygen shortage? 
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    Why is the brain susceptible to oxygen shortage?

    I've been researching and all I could find was that it was because the nerves were especially prone to oxygen shortage.

    If so, why is that the case?

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    It has the most important job in the body and all that procesing power required alot of energy. Do you think its cheap for the body to all the time increase potensial, then decrease then up again? when there is a O2 shortage the cells do it anyway and becuase of the lack of O2 they begin generating free radikals that deestroys the cells.

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    In reality, all of the organs in the body are susceptible to oxygen shortage. If they don't get the oxygen they need, they begin to shut down. The brain just succumbs more quickly as far as brain damage goes. If the oxygen is restored within three minutes, four at the most, brain function continues without any major problems.

    There is a lot of electrical activity going on in the brain, and this activity requires oxygen in order to function, probably much like a fire that will go out if not supplied with oxygen. Your blood also contains many electrolytes, which not only serve to balance the fluids in your body (called osmolarity), but because they are salts they also provide pathways in the synapses between nerve cells in your brain. These are chemical pathways that allow for chemical reactions to take place. If you take away the pathways, there can be no function of the nerve cells in the brain.
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