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Thread: Values in Goldman–Hodgkin–Katz Equation ?

  1. #1 Values in Goldman–Hodgkin–Katz Equation ? 
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    See pdf:

    I need to modeling the 1.12 equation (page 10) in Matlab, it corresponds to the circuit you can see up (for the membrane potential). I need numerical values of Cm (neuronal membrane capacitance), Gcl, Gk, Gna (chlorine, pottasium and sodium conductance), Ecl, Ena, Ek (chlorine, pottasium and sodium batteries) and I(t)/A is a step signal (I want to know this value too).

    This equation models the membrane potential in a neuron.

    I'm a engineer systems student (don't speak english), thats because I dont know a lot about it. The Goldman–Hodgkin–Katz works for a failed potential, it means is not a action potential, only works for a hyperpolarization and depolarization between -70 and -55 mV

    I used tentative (crazy) values and the following formula in matlab:

    di(1)= -(Gcl/Cm)*(i(1)-Ecl) -(Gk/Cm)*(i(1)-Ek) -(Gna/Cm)*(i(1)-Ena) + I;


    Cm = 0.9;
    Gcl = 0.9;
    Gk =0.9;
    Gna =0.9;
    Ecl =0.9;
    Ek =0.9;
    Ena =0.9;

    And find this:

    logically is wrong, the rest pontential have to be -70, -65 mV.

    When I find values, then, changing the I(t)/A signal ..I have to find something like this, but the second graphic negative.

    Thank you if you can help me.

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