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Thread: Muscles anatomy question ?

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    when you do exercises training an agonist muscle like biceps, isn't the antagonist (triceps) making a resistance power qual to the agonist force, and by this the antagonist is trained also equal to the agonist, it is said that the antagonist needs training separately, i don't understand this process well so i need an explanation please ?

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    Simple enough.
    One set of muscles works while the other relaxes. You need to make both work for balanced development.

    If you are, for example, doing bicep curls, you are lifting a weight using your biceps. When you relax your biceps, there is no weight on the triceps, so they are not being worked. To develop triceps as well, you need to push them against a weight as well.

    I use two 10 kg dumb bells. One in each hand. For biceps I hold my elbows at my waist and curl my arm up to lift the weights to shoulder height using biceps only. To develop triceps, I move my arm so my elbow is vertically above my shoulder, pointing at the sky. I straighten my arm using triceps to lift the weight above my head.

    Using both exercises exercises both sets of muscles for balanced muscle growth.

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