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Thread: whats the first creature to reproduce by releasing eggs?

  1. #1 whats the first creature to reproduce by releasing eggs? 
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    whats the first creature thought to have reproduced by releasing eggs?

    and which type of reproduction method preceded that? (division?)

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    are you referring to any type of egg ? in which case, the following fossils from the Neoproterozoic Doushantuo Formation might give an indication :

    Who Laid The First Egg? Scientists Move A Step Closer To Linking Embryos Of Earth's First Animals To Adult Form

    however, i must say that there's some debate on whether these really are animal embryos or even embryos at all

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    icewendigo, your question is maybe a little ambiguous. Are you talking about eggs that have some kind of hard or rubbery shell to protect them? Or of any type of egg, fertilised or unfertilised, such as those released by fish and frogs or even humans, for example?

    If the latter, you could perhaps read up on the reproductive habits of Porifera (sponges) and Cnidaria (jellyfish and co). The release of the equivalent of eggs and sperm into the environment as a reproductive strategy is probably very ancient - precambrian at least.
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    sorry for the ambiguous question, I should have specified I was referring to the most primitive(early) type of egg possible such as insect-ish lifeforms and pre-vertebrae organism (I assumed), as close to the earliest possible multi-cellular organisms.

    I dont know much about sponges (and jellyfish), it sounds interesting I'll look into it, thanks.
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