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    Can anyone point me to some advanced biology info sources, either websites or books? I'm taking AP bio in school next year, and I'd really like to get ahead a little just buy reading about some more advanced bio stuff... thanks

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    there is to much to learn... don't learn ahead... just study the pointed materials right...

    still.. i would read some microbiology books, books about parasites, about other single cells, maybe fungus..

    it's to big.. you can't just study all..

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    Yes he is right.

    I would suggest the textbook I have called "Biology seventh edition" by Campbell (and) Reece. You may end up having to buy this exact book for your class anyways. If not, whatever book you do buy is great I am sure. The thing is 1200+ pages. You won't read it all before your class (unless you read really, really fast i guess). Just keep asking questions. Use this site and other resources to get your answers. Also, maybe read up on some cell biology unless you already have. By this I mean, learn the components of a cell (prokaryote and eukaryote) such as mitochondria, DNA, ribosomes, etc.

    Again, biology is a vast subject. Animal or human? Cell biology. Evolution. Adaptation. etc. Chapters on each one. Animal spieces and a chapter on each one of those (big chapters too). It all depends on your interests.

    You sound like me though. Interested in the human. It is good to know other things too though. Helps in the understanding.
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