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Thread: how the mechanism of milk secretion in cow

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    Does anyone know how the mechanism of milk secretion in cow?????????

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    Mammary glands are modified sweat glands. Care for a nice cold glass of modified cow sweat?

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    Nearly all of the above lines of evidence can be questioned, and all have more than one possible cause (although some may have no cause at all).
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    Apocrine sweat glands modified rather than eccrine.

    Highly modified to be sure, universal in mammals which derive their name FROM the mammary glands, in point of fact.

    Breast milk has been determined to be superior to the alternatives generally. Feeding the young is generally a disgusting proposition, e.g., birds who obviously do not lactate feed their young by regurgitating, yummy, as do many mammalian predators in the process of weaning their offspring from milk to adult diet.

    For some reason Prince is having craving for Greek yogurt now, along with philosophy and geometry one of the great gifts of that culture to Western civilization.

    Sweat gland - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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