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Thread: high/low pressure systems and appetite

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    A friend of mine just convinced me that we humans are mammals . Because the weather is starting to change I started thinking about how it is better to go fishing under a low pressure system. What other animals or mammals behave this way? Cows maybe? Has any research been done on humans eating more under low pressure systems and having a lack of appetite during high pressure system. There is a low approaching today and I just realized how much I pigged out last night. Thanks. Maybe it's just a myth?

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    It is in reversed: being in high-altitude causes you to have less appetite and big weight loss. If you want to lose weight, find a mountain retreat (<-- click this article). In mountain range it is low-pressure, not high pressure, so being in low-pressure make you have less appetite.

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    Does this mean fish in a lake on a mountain range will eat more than fish at sea level? Screwy nature. Does this mean I was really supposed to be a fish? Wow, have I picked the correct user name or what?
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