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    Are the genetic differences between the species of slow breeding organisms with small populations (eg humans) much smaller than fast breeding organisms of high populations (eg bacteria)? For example salmonella and E. Coli having greater diversity than giraffes and humans (probably not the best metaphor)?

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    as far as i can remember, genetic differences especially build up in the non-coding part of the genome, which would be independent of generation spans

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    Humans have very little genetic difference, despite the feelings of racists. The genome of a pale Scandinavian is only a little different to an ebony coloured African. There is a high probability that, some time ago, the human population was reduced almost to extinction, and all the humans today are descended from a very few individuals, meaning little genetic difference between the peoples of the world.

    For this reason, choosing humans as an example to try to draw a generalisation is a mistake. We are 'freakish' in our limited genetic variability.
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