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Thread: The effects of Circadian acceleration?

  1. #1 The effects of Circadian acceleration? 
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    Speeding up Circadian Rhythms to enable investigations into disease and aging.

    I graduated with a 2:2 in Neuroscience from the University of Manchester in 2011. One topic we covered was that of Circadian Rythmns. From studying this my hypothesis is:

    Are we not able to create an artificial environment in which light dark cycles and temperature fluctuations match those of the year. Thus increasing the yearly cycle and testing the effects of this on cells of either bacteria, plants or animals (mice/rats)? One effect could be over a number of generations that the circadian cycles of the animals quicken and thus we can monitor whether aging quickens in a faster light-dark cycle and then look at the accelerations of diseases?

    This is just a thought from an amateur but I'd love to hear your views on it.


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