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    How exactly does the effect of lifting large amounts of weights differ from heavy weights when it comes to working out and muscle growth?

    Like lifting 70x5 - 5 times. compared to 60x12 - 5 times.

    Curious as to how muscle growth is directly affected by these two opposites techniques.

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    Excesive maximum weight lifting can induce growth of muscle fiber faster that growth of additional vascularization. You can end up with parts of the muscle starving for blood. You need to mix high reps/lower weights with low reps/ max weight. Don't do just all low rep/max weight.

    Also, tendons and ligaments grow slower than muscle. Give them time to catch up or you risk tendonitis and torn tendons and ligaments. I personally knew a guy who ripped the left pectoralis off of the sternum. Not a pretty thing. Major surgery.

    Lift smart.

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